Oracle Inventory API Custom

In this post, i want to share about some reference for Inventory Material Transactions in Oracle R12 module Inventory.

There was reference which can be used to learn Material Transactions Interface using in Oracle R12. The references were :

1. Reference for PLSQL Script Custom to process transaction type Inter Org Transfer.
Source :
Inter Org Transfer API Custom by Mahamad Sulthan, Software Eng from India.

2. Reference for Interface Material Transaction description process, which was related with MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE and MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP.
Source :
Process Description for Oracle Inventory Transactions and Costing by Kishore CB.

Thanks, i hope this post was useful.


2 thoughts on “Oracle Inventory API Custom

    • I apologize for my late response.
      You can use the table which is have many column based on the API parameter. For the detail discussion, you can contact via my email.

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