Inventory Reconcile with GL in Oracle R12

Hello, Today i just want to share embed slide from Slideshare This slide creator has given some information to reconcile inventory data related with general ledger module.

And i will provide a script that maybe help for that reconcile activity.

/*Script for traceback GL to inventory transactions*/

SELECT DISTINCT mta.transaction_id,glh.*
           FROM xla_transaction_entities_upg xte,
                xla_events xe,
                xla_distribution_links xdl,
                mtl_transaction_accounts mta,
                xla_ae_headers xah,
                xla_ae_lines xal,
                gl_import_references gir,
                gl_je_headers glh
          WHERE 1 = 1
            AND xte.entity_id = xe.entity_id
            AND mta.transaction_id = xte.source_id_int_1
            AND xdl.source_distribution_type = 'MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS'
            AND xdl.source_distribution_id_num_1 = mta.inv_sub_ledger_id
            AND xdl.ae_header_id = xah.ae_header_id
            AND xal.ae_header_id = xdl.ae_header_id
            AND xal.ae_header_id = xah.ae_header_id
            AND gir.gl_sl_link_table = 'XLAJEL'
            AND gir.gl_sl_link_id = xal.gl_sl_link_id
            AND gir.je_header_id = glh.je_header_id;

I hope this can useful for us.

Check this out 🙂


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