Oracle R12 – WMS MWA Mobile Applications


Today, i want to sharing some knowledge about Mobile Application Services, which was installed in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.4. This application services was called as WMS Mobile applications.

Start / Stop Mobile Application Services in Oracle Apps R12

Login as applmgr user :

Stop Mobile Application Services
./ -login apps/apps_password stop_force
./ stop apps/apps_password

Start Mobile Application Services
./ -login apps/apps_password start
./ start apps/apps_password

Check Mobile Services are up and Running
#ps -ef | grep mwa

Find port Number of Mobile Services
grep mwa $CONTEXT_FILE

Connect to Mobile Services
telnet hostname.domainname portnumber(mobile application service port_number)

Reference – Metalink Document
SQL*Trace with WMS-MWA: Mobile Applications (Tracing SQL Via Database Trace To Allow For TKPROF Of Results Of User Actions) [ID 277655.1]
Oracle Mobile Apps Server by


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