Query List Applied Patches – Oracle EBS


This query can be used to provide datalist of applied patches in Oracle E-Business Suite.
Check this out.

Applied patches 2

select aap.applied_patch_id,aap.patch_name,
aprb.application_short_name as AFFECTED_MODULE,
from ad_applied_patches aap,
ad_patch_drivers apd,
ad_patch_runs apr,
ad_patch_run_bugs aprb
where aap.applied_patch_id = apd.applied_patch_id
and apd.patch_driver_id = apr.patch_driver_id
and apr.patch_run_id = aprb.patch_run_id
and aprb.applied_flag = 'Y'
order by aap.applied_patch_id desc;

Reference : Get Oracle patches details, oracle-apps-dba.blogspot.co.id


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