Feel Mac’s Time Machine

My Mac become very slow, and this become high trouble when i have to present to customer with my Mac. Until i’ve decided to restore my Mac into Factory Mode Reset. And i got Time Machine and OS X Recovery to prove my decision.

1. Let be prepared !
I’ve choosen Touro Hitachi 1TB, as the drive of Time Machine backup.
I am looking for the steps, and i got the A) Complete Guide Time Machine Mac Backup, and the B) How Set and Restore Time Machine Backup

2. Do it!
The first time i back up my Mac with Time Machine, i feel it take a very long time to complete. I’ve googled for this, and based on this link from Support Apple. It is because Time Machine copies most or all of the data on the Mac for first backup. And they suggest i can keep using my Mac while Time Machine works in the background.

3. Feel it!
After backup with time machine, i reset my Mac on factory reset, based on this link (in Bahasa): Wikihow Reset macbook pro


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