Big Data, Bitcoin, and Blockchain

When i learn about big data, i got the future of big data. According to, there is possibility that blockchain as the future trend of big data. Why…. blockchain started with a crypto currency called Bitcoin, around 2010 or about 6 years ago. In the beginning, it was appealing to a specific crowd but then interest grew. People made money out of investing in it, and many cases related with it. However the more interesting part about Bitcoin came recently, and that was not the currency itself but the technology (and the concept) it is built upon – no central ownership. The rebellious idea of it as a currency, turns out to be a genius idea when it comes to data. It almost seems like the currency is just a byproduct of the amazing data architecture.

Until i have signed up at Many people talk about cloud technology, and all of the amazing things about that. Until has founded about its limitiation, at the end of the day it is a case of hard drive ownership. With blockchain that somewhere and someone does not exist – everything is shared within the blocks creating the chain. Blockchain as the storage of Bitcoin transaction data. While it immutable, non reversible, and non forgeable database. Any other database, server, or storage medium is not tamper resistant. The blockchain is an interesting type of data set, and not exactly a database, but more a referral layer.