Code Again, for Small Business 3d Printing

Since Sept 2016, my friends and I had launched, the small business at Karawaci which had product about 3d printing services.

As Co-founder and CIO, my job desc were decide the supporting system and technology that make the small business more effective, include at area marketing, pricing, sales and many more.

There was an initiative from the Founder (Lead of Operational) “How about the website visitors can upload their 3d model into our website ?”

This challenge, make me so curious. In my mind there was statement “I have to prove this!”. Finally, this curiosity made me To Do Web-Code Again. I had involved in many activities for feature upgrade on I had to built some scripts, in order to 3d model should be uploaded into website, beside email into

Until, I have found some references to do this. My deadline for this update is 4th week on June 2017. Hopefully, based on these references it could be done on-time ^_^.

References:Web-based STL Viewing: Three.js, WebGL, and Javascript Typed Arrays
Full code from tonylukasavage-github

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Oracle Inventory Interface – Misc Receipt for Consignment

Oracle R12 Inventory Module had given a feature for consignment item. In Oracle implementation, on June 2013, there was a customer which had material transaction for consignment item by interface. Which is the interface was, Oracle, as Back End Application, had to received report or query from Front End Application.

Customer had consignment inventory, and Oracle assigned it with owning organization data. The interface was needed to receipt consignment material transaction data, which were given by Front End Application. This requirement could be covered with Oracle Open Interface feature. It has used script to insert data to MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table, and then run Material Transactions Manager.

I have used custom script for Issue Return transaction, which is in Oracle Standard Transaction Type was Miscellaneous Receipt.
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